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Hello and welcome to my blog, Parlour Made. My name is Marie and I like to blog about all my handmade & crafty endeavours! This inevitably includes my handcrafted lampshade business, my visual merchandising & retail window display creations, fabulous fabrics, craft fairs, recycling, vintage loves and my homemade cakes - so that's what you will mostly find here! I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon.
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Craft Fair Display Ideas

Welcome to my blog, Parlour Made

This page shows you some DIY and Vintage display ideas for handmade goods at craft fairs.  As we all know, a display can really draw in the customers so it's essential to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

I have come across many good crafters around blogland that have used their creativity to come up with some great display ideas for their jewellery, handbags and handmade wares.  Often Crafters are on a tight budget too, which may seem a bit frustrating but this can lead to some inventive and unusual solutions - including using found vintage objects that you may already have hiding around the house!

I hope you find this page inspiring when creating your own unique craft fair display tables.

I will be adding to this page as and when I find interesting ideas.  If you have a great display solution that has been made at home or customised from something you found and you'd like to be featured here, please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Marie x

So many ideas in this one image!  Vintage wheels, ladders and baskets put to good alternative uses by Inn Country

Easel does it!

Driftwood is so versatile - adding some vintage knobs to it makes a beautiful prop to display small dangly items.

Love the idea of using a vintage screen for a backdrop by Maygreen Fairies, as it really unifies the look of the stall.

Illustrator Claire Fletcher uses a selection of beautiful vintage tin boxes to display her cards in, and if you look closely -a blue clamp attached to the table is used to hang items on too.

A very cool way to display small items is in an ice cube tray - well, why not!

This idea just proves that with a bit of imagination and a vintage everyday item, you can produce some interesting and unusual display solutions....Who would've thought that an old rake handle could be re-purposed like this! Eyeballs by day, Crafts by night

Found this little gem of an idea on The Design Slice blog.  Q). Have you guessed what they are yet?   A). Paint Rollers - how simple but so clever!

If a sea theme is what you're after try these out:
A necklace of pearls in an oyster shell via Crafty Tips, very romantic and poetic!

Natural coral is used here to drap and hang necklaces beautifully and effortlessly via Vintage Indie

An old vintage tray works really well for displaying necklaces, but you could really use it for anything you care to put on it!

Ooh, I just can't get enough of vintage tea cups, and what a cute way to display your earrings!

Miss Curly Pearl cleverly uses a double hanger to display her jewellery wares on

A cute vintage chair is used on the table top adding height and a great talking point by Quirky Boots

A simple but elegant way to hang necklaces and earrings without breaking the bank (or Gran's heirloom vase!)
Customise your own ring display with a simple wooden box.  There's a tutorial available by POPKO! too, so you can make your own.

Don't want to pay out for jewellery display busts?  Here's a great tutorial on how to make your own by Stella Hodge.

This display idea for handmade rings by Whimsy Love, proves how something effective can be created with a simple everyday object.

I think this is a great fun and flirty way to display small handbags on a mannequin by Becky OH!

Taking business cards to a craft fair is essential, here they have been displayed in old handles attached to a piece of wood by Rob and Margo.

Got an old spare canvas lurking in the attic?  Cover it with some pretty handmade paper or fabric, attach rows of string and 'Bobs your Uncle' - a fabulous earring display by Ali J. 

Yes, this is one of those plastic containers!  An unusual and fun idea for displaying your wares by Thrifty Fun.

A colander's not just good for straining the veg you know, here it's put to good use by housing some small fabric handmade bags by Crafty Daisies.

Vintage and handmade brooches look amazing displayed on an old frame covered in crocheted lace by Outsapop.

Strong ribbons can be hung from any where and earrings or brooches simply attached to create height and give you more valuable table space.

A shopping trolley can even be customised to suit by adding your own logo. This one by Crafting a Green World holds LP record bowls.

Talking of records, this stand by Make Shop Live is made from them and even uses old sewing bobbins for the column! 

QNZ Metal uses vintage wooden boxes and oil lamps for their jewellery display to add a unique touch.

Old books used to display a pair or two of earrings and cufflinks by The Hands of Fatima.

A pair of shabby chic shutters used stylishly to add height to a stall by Miniature Rhino

This is a great way to recycle something destined for the rubbish bin by Crafty Chics.

An old rusty chair has been lovingly revamped and used at the front of this open craft booth by Vol.25 to show some art prints.

An interesting way to make different height layers on your table by Mimi Green.  Handmade by her Grandfather with painted pipes, brilliant!

This antique printer drawer can simply be filled with your own handmade jewellery. 

Putting your handmade brooches or buttons in an old wicker basket like Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics keeps smaller items contained and helps adds texture to the display.

This very sweet ring display has been made by Blonde Ambitions and she has even written a tutorial on how to make one for ourselves!

If you're like me and have eaten all the cakes, why not use the stand to display some jewellery or brooches - a cute idea by Frou Frou.

Vintage cotton reels attached to an upright board by Good Girls Studio are perfect for hanging necklaces from.

This great table top handbag display by Not Just Handbags has been made using some garden trellis, a coat of paint and some hinges.  So perfectly simple and really effective. 

This is a fantastic idea by Teacakes and 78's - a repurposed sofa cushion to display vintage button rings! 
There are so many ways a vintage suitcase can be used to display handmade crafts and this one by Lockette,  showcases how they easily organise their paper crafts.


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Oh this is a good little source of inspiration, I'm currently looking at designs for spaces for my degree show so this is very handy! unl

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The vase with branches in is pure inspiration! Where do you get these ideas from?!? I'm going straight on the internet to find out where to get some of those bits from. My vintage birds will look stunning hanging from these, hopefully leading to increased sales!.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Francine x

Cindy said...

So many great ideas! I love the hand bag display and the tree!

Chalkboards are great for signage too. Make them yourself or buy them unframed and frame them to suit your own creative style.

Chalk it up!

Thank you for the creative inspiration!

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Thank you for sharing such a lovely ideas - so many to get inspired from.

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I love this post so much. I have just started holding my own stalls at craft markets, and have had trouble displaying my bags - this website will definitely help me dress up my whole table display.


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Fabulous ideas. I'm super picky and some of these ideas are so stellar! Thanks for all the work that went into gathering ideas!

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Thank you for posting this! These pics really get my mind thinking of resourceful display options. I am always amazed at what some people come up with and how they inspire me to think deeper. Keep up the good work!

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These are so pretty, and such a good idea! I always like scratching the stuff off, too!

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As the owners of a vintage and craft shop we are always looking for display inspiration - your blog has given us a wealth of ideas - thanks!

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